This program is currently taking place and registration for this round is now closed! Sorry!

Kick those sweets cravings to the curb!

Ready to make change in your diet and break your sugar addiction? Let Nicole guide you through a three stage program to finally repair your relationship with sugar. You will be provided with all the detailed instructions and support you need to get through this and come out on the other side with improved health! Nicole also provides recipes, tips, ideas, and community to encourage a healthy transition into sustainable eating habits.

This sugar detox program will be three steps long, each taking about a week. At the beginning, we will cut almost all sugars and sweeteners out of our daily diet to reset our taste buds. This will allow our bodies time to detox the sugars out of our system. During the second stage, we will gradually add natural sweeteners back into our diet, mostly in the form of fruits. The third stage is to help us transition into a sustainable way of eating and will include tips for using small amounts of healthier sweeteners in everyday life. Nicole will provide all the guidelines throughout the detox so you don’t have questions as to what to eat in each stage.

What’s included in this program:

  • Guidelines, rules, clear steps, and tips from Nicole for the detox stages (zero confusion on the rules)
  • Facebook group for support, sharing recipes, and discussion with Nicole and others going through the detox at the same time (it’s so much easier when you have others detoxing with you!)
  • Personal email support from Nicole for any questions or concerns you have that might pop up during the detox (Nicole promises to answer any emails within 24 hours!)
  • Pinterest board with multiple sections full of healthy and tasty recipes hand-selected by Nicole for each stage of the detox (separated by types of meals and each labeled with the appropriate stage)
  • Ongoing support through the Facebook group and email for transitioning out of the detox and back into a more sustainable every day way of eating (have to keep it healthy but doable!)

The price of this program is just $35! Next time Nicole runs this Sugar Detox, it will be $60!
Take less than a month and drastically improve your health and well-being!
Sign up today! The program starts on May 10th!

Why do this as a paid program as opposed to by myself?

Doing it by yourself…

  • Time spent researching detoxes and recipes and getting confused
  • No support and feeling lost doing it alone
  • Unsure how to transition into a sustainable diet and not get stuck back in the same patterns as before

Paying for the program…

  • Recipes and guidelines provided for you
  • Lots of support from Nicole and others going through the detox as well
  • Tips and ideas from Nicole to ensure you can keep up your new diet in a healthy and nourishing way

This program is currently taking place and registration for this round is now closed! Sorry!

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Still have questions before signing up? Email Nicole at with any concerns or questions you have before registering for the sugar detox program!