Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Current Offerings:


1-1 Health Coaching

  • This personalized program goes over the following topics to discover what’s helping or hurting your overall health and wellbeing:
    • Nutrition: we go over what you’re currently eating, what your goals are, and how to transition into healthier eating habits; we also discuss varying diets to help you choose the best option for your lifestyle
    • Exercise: we compare current level of activity to what you need to reach your goals faster; we discuss different types of exercise and how to easily fit short workout into your busy week
    • Relationships: we talk about how things are with your significant other/spouse, how your close friendships are going, if you need more strong relationships, building new relationships and nurturing current ones; we also discuss date nights and time to socialize, as this is vital to the health of your relationships and helps you stay healthier when you’re more connected with others
    • Career: we will discuss if you are happy with your current job, how fulfilled you are with your career, if you are doing something you love and are passionate about, and what your usual weekly schedule looks like; we will also dive into how your schedule and workload may be impacting your stress levels as well as what your future career goals are and how you can start working towards those
    • Health Diagnoses: any diseases or illness you are currently dealing with will be discussed; we can work together with your doctor and other health practitioners to get you to a more healthy state if you are struggling with something; I want to help you find a happy and balanced state and use natural methods to get your body healthier
    • Other topics we may delve into include: creativity, spirituality, finances, home environment, joy, and education. Whether or not you realize it, all of these areas of your life can have a large impact on your health.
  • In this program, we will focus on your health and nutrition, but dive deep into any other areas of your life needed to help you find solutions to problems you’re experiencing. I can help you with losing weight, creating healthier eating habits, reducing stress, getting better sleep, having more energy, reducing chronic symptoms, and more. I love seeing women make small natural changes to their diet and lifestyle and experiencing a transformation in their health!
  • This program is available in 3 or 6 month options.
    • 6 months for $1,800
    • 3 months for $900
    • balance can be paid in full at the beginning of the program or can be paid at a monthly rate of $320


Follow this link to schedule your free discovery session where you can learn more about the program and see if we will be a good fit to work together:



Virtual Pantry Makeover

  • Together we will go through your kitchen and pantry to see what your family is currently eating.
    • We will discuss healthier options to replace what you currently consume and I will give you recommendations on foods to add.
    • I will help you learn how to better read nutrition labels and know what to look for when grocery shopping to make healthier choices for you and your family.
    • I will help you identify and eliminate harmful ingredients to get all the toxins out of your kitchen. We can also discuss cleaning supplies if we have time!
    • I will help you learn more tips for saving money and wasting less food. You can shop in budget and make healthy meals for your family! I will teach you what to splurge on and what to save money on!
    • You will also receive a follow-up email from me with bonus materials including suggested recipes, a resource all about toxins in common household cleaners, and any suggested foods or ingredients we discussed during the session.
  • These sessions cost $200 for up to an hour and a half of 1-1 time with me via videochat.


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