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Why You Should Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

Why You Should Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

I adore visiting local farmers’ markets and I think you should try it out if you haven’t! My reasons are three-fold and might convince you!

  1. You can get fresh, healthy foods! Local produce and foods from farmers’ markets are the best! It doesn’t travel as far as foods at grocery stores, it has more nutrients because it goes through less processing and treatments, and it’s in season. This is a great boost for your health! You will be eating seasonally, locally, and often organically! Things like local raw honey can even help to lessen your seasonal allergies!
  2. Besides just produce you can find tons of amazing things at these markets! You can find other tasty foods, handmade goods, local art, home products, and more. The findings just depend on who the vendors are at your local market. I personally love buying jars of honey and handmade soaps from farmers’ markets.
  3. You will be supporting small, local businesses and farmers instead of giant corporations. Some big businesses don’t care about your wellbeing or the quality of their products, they’re just in it for the money. Most small, local business owners are real people that you can talk to and get to know right there! You can learn about how they make their products, how they grow their food, and more.
  4. Lastly, getting outside in the sun and walking around to get some exercise in is great for you! This all depends on the weather that day of course, but there is nothing better than exploring outside- taking in all the delicious smells and colorful sights at a farmers’ market on a beautiful day. Go out and get your vitamin D in an open air market!

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